08 February 2003

Donations flowing in

Donations to the Dove and Dolphin mission are coming in from all over the country – and the total now stands at around £20,000!
Letters of support are also arriving every day, which is a great comfort to Sue Halpin, wife of mission leader David Halpin.
Many people are also sending messages of goodwill to the website – doveanddolphin.co.uk – which is charting progress as far as limited communications allow.
The Dove and Dolphin mission is currently en route by sea from Torquay to the port of Ashdod in Israel.
The four team member are aboard the Danish cargo vessel M V Barbara, carrying tonnes of food, clothing, raw materials and medical supplies bound for Palestinians in Gaza.
It is, says David, from Haytor in Devon, “a citizen to citizen” mission, planned and executed without help of any kind from government, religious or voluntary organisations.
The supplies they are carrying have all been bought by David and Sue Halpin or donated from companies and individuals.
The overall cost of the mission to David and Sue is £90,000 – now offset by the donations coming in.
“I am so buoyed up by the letters still coming, and the generous donations,” says Sue.
“The letters of encouragement and support really are lovely and they come from all over the country.”
Most donations, she says, are from “ordinary folk… they have very touching reasons for wanting to help.”
The biggest donation so far has been £1,000 and the smallest £2, with most falling in the £20 to £50 range.
“I am keeping a record of all phone numbers, names and addresses and where there is no letter then I am keeping a note of the name on the cheque and its number so we know everyone who has come on board with the mission.”