09 February 2003

First stop Malta - Monday

Progress report from David Halpin

We have now been at sea for seven days. The 'length' of the Med and the vastness of Africa is now plain to us.
We have been steaming along the coast of Algeria for at least eight hours. It is attractively mountainous and the coastal strips look very prosperous; belying the turmoil inside.
We are due in Valetta; Malta at teatime on Monday (latest estimate is noon).
The present plan is this should be a stop of a few hours in order to take on fresh water and to pick up a 'bill of lading'and 'notice of readiness' (sent by courier).
The window for docking and discharge of our cargo has to be next Saturday in Ashdod which we understand is a normal working day. Sue Halpin noted from her diary that the following Monday and Tuesday are public holidays in Israel. All this will besorted out with the help of Sullivan Maritime; the agent appointed by
our ship's owers in Malta.
We will dress the ship with our bannersand use some floodlights.

David Halpin on M V Barbara at 36.57n 04.23e