05 February 2003

Making progress

Sue Halpin, wife of David Halpin, at home in Haytor, is having a hectic time whilst the voyage is in progress.
She is also anxious to get first hand news from David about how the journey is progressing and how he is coping.
She says:
“I have had one short email from him but we do have the information coming through from John Maughan.
“It’s good to know everyone is feeling better now; it’s much more cheerful news as far as the team and the crew are concerned. They all sound as though they are enjoying it.
“Obviously they have got over their sickness but I do look forward to some first hand news.”
Sue’s phone is constantly ringing with people still offering help and others seeking information. The email is just as busy.
“It’s been so busy I haven’t been able to deal with the regular things that need doing. I am not packing up until around 10.30 each night,” says Sue.

This is an extract from the latest email from John Maughan aboard the M V Barbara.

February 04,
2003 8:43 PM

Things calmed down here - still white horses around but we are now running with the wind so are surfing the waves giving us more speed. 10.7 knots at present. The boat stays level nearly all the time. present position 41.47N 9.55W.
I went for a lie down this aft and slept immediately for over an hour. The luxury of a stable bed is fantastic.
A real camaradarie is growing now as we all find a routine. Mealtimes are very important. Times are very punctual to fit in with the shifts of the proper sailors. The meals are in two shifts - two of us and two off duty crew first - that shift must finish so the crew coming off duty can sit down at the proper time.
Breakfast 8 lunch12 tea 6. Meals are good but extremely carnivorous and I did not realise how much tea we drink. I miss that most.
I was able to treat everyone to a G and T today. Heine (Capt) has loads of gin but had forgotten the tonic, so he was delighted.
Tomorrow Preben the chief engineer is giving me a tour of the workings of the boat which I am looking forward to. He has drawn me a map to study and will go into all mechanical and historic detail. Still using the original 1966 engine which he obviously loves like a child.


Note: pictures available of all team members and the M V Barbara as she prepared to leave Torquay. Shortly to be seen on web site, which is now live at doveanddolphin.co.uk …. Also pics of Sue Halpin and Heine the ship’s captain.