16 April 2003

Western Morning News reports.

An article that was first written for the Morning Star by David has been printed today. It is a resume of the voyage and of the future plans for The Dove and Dolphin. In a separate piece, Neil Young publicises the audio-visual presentation prepared by Phill Ireland and his friends entitled 'Eyes Open Gaza'. As noted previously this will be shown at 11am on Saturday 19 April at the Phoenix Centre in Exeter. Phill took many 'stills' and videos in Israel and Gaza. This is his very personal distillation of what he saw, heard and recorded. There is going to be competition for the 250 seats. It will also be a reunion for the 'crew' and their partners. Jenny Cuffe has had to send her apologies. After it there will be a question and answer session chaired by David dealing first with the voyage and then the future plans. There may be time to discuss solutions to the present plight of The Palestinian people and the growing conflict. (The Dove and The Dolphin are very pleased to be offered the profit from the event for the stated good causes but do not necessarily endorse any view expressed in the presentation.)