18 March 2003

A long run to Runcorn

MV Barbara docked on 12 March with 1,200 tonnes of cement from Croatia. We arrived at noon on the following day to find that the master Heine Hestoy was flying off to Denmark an hour later. The 'new' master was on the bridge waiting to take over. He is a smiling neat man who is half Danish and half Inuit. The cargo was all but discharged; there was a little concern because some of the cement had been wetted. The ship was due to leave its dock on the historic Manchester ship canal in the afternoon for Iceland. We said rapid goodbyes to Heine,Claus,Johnas,Chris and the new Master and Mate. Prebens replacement was in the engine room! Thence followed the 250 mile run back to Haytor with the big banner (since washed in the bath) and the bow banners - Salam and Shalom.