17 November 2023

A poem by Nahida Yasin - A Palestinian by Birth

* * *
I need to watch this horror

I need to feel their pain

Homes erased

Schools bombarded

Hospitals targeted

Water cut off

Food denied

Children crying

Babies Dying

Mamas losing their minds

* * *

* * *

I need to stare at them dying

Attentive, no distraction

Not turn my face away

Not cover my eyes

Not look the other way

I need to feel their pain

* * *

* * *

I need my heart, ripped out

Shaken to the core

I need to ache and tremble

Watching her body crumble

I need to feel his fear

As he wipes his tears

I need to feel their pain

* * *


* * *

I need to hear her screams

Piercing through my ears

I need to break my norms

Disturb my inner peace

I need to cry my eyes out

I need to feel her pain

* * *

* * *

I need this heartache, to reclaim my humanity

I need it to overcome my selfishness and greed

I need this heartache, so my heart doesn’t rot

Of hardiness and apathy

I madly need this pain, to feel alive and human again

* * *

* * *

As Palestine gasps for survival

She breathes Life, into a dying world

* * *

A weary world,

With a tainted soul and confused identity

Lost, oppressed, depressed and downtrodden

Seeking a way out of chronic misery:

Mega corporations

Money swindlers, arms dealers

Ego promoters, mind controllers

Slavery to addiction, illusion of liberty

Erased Masculinity, disfigured femininity

Stolen childhood, lopsided morality

Lying politicians, impotent jurisdiction

Fake democracy

Genocidal barbarity

Delusional superiority

Normalised depravity

Dehumanised  humanity

and on, and on, and on

* * *

* * *

As Palestine gasps for freedom

She kindles faith and hope

Into the soul of a despairing humanity

Infuses passion of liberation

Into the heart of an occupied world

* * *


* * *

Have you ever seen the world so united

So enraged

So in tuned

So inspired

So in awe

So in love

So alive!

It’s Palestine, Sir

It’s the Holy Land

* * *

* * *
We watch in disbelief

The pain of Palestine,

Trickling down

Saving humanity from its itself

Healing all, mind, heart and soul

* * *

* * *

Awestruck, we watch, eyes open wide

The tears of Palestine

Drowning in agony

Drawing smiles

Awakening dreams

Of a better, more beautiful world

* * *

* * *

Bewildered, we retain in memory

The maiming of Palestine

The grace of Palestine!

Stitching wounds

With a thread of faith

Embroidered with a rainbow of hope

Gathering nations

As a mother hugging her own

* * *

* * *
Are we dreaming?

Is that really true?

Are we awakened yet?

A small tiny nation with no means at all

Facing superpowers armed with might, and hate

Are these people crazy?

Have they lost their minds?

Facing tanks with meek means

Embracing death with open arms

Offering life to those who follow

Either a life of dignity

Or the glory of martyrdom

Succumbing to non but the One Most High

Grinning as they say goodbye

Hearts full of love

And faith sky high

* * *

* * *


Oscillating between anger and adoration

Overriding guilt and shame

Hearts of mankind align

Throb in perplexing harmony

And deep admiration

Chanting in unison

Palestine will be Free

From the River to the Sea

Free Free Palestine

Free Free Palestine

* * *