01 October 2014

Almost insurmountable problems in Gaza from the recent, massive Zionist assault

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Dave Clinch, of the North Devon Palestinian Solidarity Campaign reports his conversation with Mohammed Soliman

Dear Friends


We (Liz and I) have been on Skype to our friends in Gaza this evening. Mohammed Soliman is working on behalf of the Tamer Institute for Community Education with children. Isra Badwan, his wife, now has a job as a coordinator for a project dealing with scientific creativity. Yusef (Little Joe) is being looked after during the day.

This is what Mohammed told us during our chat.

There are 19 shelters being used by 62,300 people.
4,000 plus teachers haven’t received salaries for seven months.

Children are not being taught because over one thousand teachers cannot go to the schools because they have no transport. Aid agencies and the Palestine Authority are being begged to provide transport.

A strike is being planned by teachers and possibly other public service workers such as ambulance drivers and medics who also have not received their salaries for seven months. They won't even be able to celebrate Eid, as they have no money. They are depending on NGO handouts.

Students can't take up university places, as it costs $7000 to complete a four year Bachelor Degree.

Most people are still suffering the effects of the attacks in terms of shock and mental health. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a major issue.

The Rafah gate to and from Egypt is closed for most of the time, so little movement or badly needed supplies are coming in.

He said international aid is very slow coming

17,000 houses have been completely demolished.

The Israelis smashed a major Power Plant. It has been fixed by Gazans, but, they cannot now access the fuel needed to run it.

Mohammed said that nothing has changed politically since before this barbaric attack. He said "It was and is an Israeli blockade, now it is an international blockade to make Hamas go on to their knees."

The education system is in desperate need of support.

He said that humanitarian need should be a priority over political differences.

There are 33,000 people who have been injured in Gaza following the three major attacks, totalling 84 days, since the New Year of 2009, so called 'Operation Cast Lead'

33% of these injuries are serious physical disabilities.

3000 injuries are to children. (Ed. Surely a greater number. This the count of those injured in ''Operation Protective Edge'')

Mohammed said 373,000 children are traumatised and need professional help.

Add to this the UN research from 2009 showing that every Gazan was likely to be exhibiting elements of PTSD. Since then there have been two more egregious attacks on Gaza City and the rest of the Gaza Strip.

He is going to have to take time off to look after himself. Likewise Isra. They do have access to a counsellor which he said has been useful.

We will send this information to Palestine Solidarity Campaign UK and hopefully more help can be found/pressure exerted.

Somehow he was managing to smile and to make arrangements for when we'll all meet up. We must be hopeful

In solidarity

Dave and Liz Clinch
North Devon PSC

IMAGE Mohammed. Born at a Zionist 'check point' Aspirated meconium > spastic tetraplegia. See earlier text -