01 August 2006

Bombardment at Beit Hanoun - Hell at Hanoun

Night of Hell
The Palestinians who live on the borders, on the ‘green line’ spend nights, days, weeks and years with the same symphony from the Israeli side. As one of those I will shortly describe the last 24 hours.
From 1:00 AM to 5:00 AM,  Merkava missiles rained around our home. They were about 150m from my home and about every 7 minutes. A missile rain to not forget and not to sleep ‘ that sleep not allowed for Gazan people’.
From 5:00 AM to 8:00 AM continues enormous shooting by heavy guns on homes. We open our eyes at day breakto see the Israeli Occupation Army returning to Erez checkpoint again. They were far just 200m from my home. They stayed to 7:00 PM and during this period the guns didn’t stop!
Missiles rained on other sides away from those soldiers.
At  7:00 PM they came back, and take rest just on our side to 10:00.
The frightful stage was the final but it is not the final. 8 missiles - about 45 kg -  landing beside our home less than 40m away - huge sound, hundreds of sharp and heavy fragments and a feeling as if an earthquake happened under us. All this can pass, but my son and sisters were too afraid and nervous. That fear does not pass. We were running from corner to corner to save our kids.
I’m and my family are one part of 1.4 millions living in the same conditions but with different degrees of suffering.
We don’t wish this life for any people, even for humans.
Best Regards