07 July 2008

Bon voyage Khalil Al Niss and Linda Willis

This couple have decided to take precious medical supplies by road to the prison which is Gaza. They set off on Thursday 10th of July

See http://www.scottishpsc.org.uk/content/view/2547/458/

They are doing this under their own steam but donations towards their expenses have been requested and directed to the Dove and Dolphin under which banner they will be sailing. They will be crossing from Edinburgh to Belgium with two further leaps over the Bosphorus and at Aqaba. They will enter the Gaza strip at Rafah where hardly a mouse goes in and out.

The hospitals in Gaza will welcome them with open arms, as will all the people. I told Khalil two days ago that plastic tracheostomy tubes are needed at the Al Wafa Rehabilitation hospital. These are for very ill patients who need assistance with their breathing; mostly these are people with severe head injuries. For now the staff are making do by re-using these disposable tubes after they are cleaned in disinfectant. Khalil has made contact with my friend Dr Khamis Elessi at the El Wafa already.

The bulk of the medical supplies will probably go to the acute hospitals, the biggest of which is El Shifa – the cure. Obviously they will be taking only a part of that which is needed. That which is being allowed through the unlawful and medieval siege happens in a piece meal way.

That 1.5 million people should be subjected to collective punishment 2008 years since the birth of Christ appears to be no cause for protest within the EU or by many other nations. Khalil and Linda have decided to act with their hearts and minds for one large group of fellow humans who have suffered for 60 years, two thirds being refugees from terror in 1948.

We wish you Linda and Khalil a safe journey. You are helping to remove the tarnish of great cruelty, selfishness and indifference in the western world. You are also unknowingly following a maxim of mine.
'Go over or round politicians to the people'. The Dove and Dolphin will be with them. Today I arranged with a good Edinburgh firm for our logo to be put on both front doors and one rear door of their van. This photo is a very striking picture which will bring Scotland and Palestine to many. Linda and Khalil with Sandra White MSP

Donations to this charity and our many other initiatives can be made by Pay Pal on this site or by cheque to the Dove and Dolphin Charity, Kiln Shotts, Haytor, Newton Abbot TQ13 9XR So far we have received £300 for this mission.