19 July 2006

British weather forecasters - 'Keep hydrated' Good for us.

Dear David,
As any worker in an international NGO, I send you news, tragedies, and about the general situations in Gaza Strip.
I will give you some short views on Gaza:
The electricity company distributes the available energy to little hours/day or some times 4 hours / two days on every quarter.

The people here spend all the day waiting for the electricity to come. Not to watch TV, switch on the computer or to run the air conditioner (in better off homes), but to run the water motor in trying to get a little water if some is found.

Most of Gaza governorate's people are washing one time every 3 days if they find the water, and you can imagine that: very hot , high moisture, dirty cities, no air fans in addition to the lack of water

The employees and their family tend to forget the absent salaries and the Israeli attacks; they just think all the time of getting water

The roads are half empty, the same on the beach.
However, we remain a very optimistic nation but it’s the truth!
Can we help?, or does the D&D have a budget to help? If yes, there are many fields where we are needed and more in the future.
Best Regards