21 April 2003

Charitable status - application

The papers are being posted to the Charity Commission tomorrow. The 4 trustees, Sue Halpin, John Hingley, Yousef Zawahreh and David Halpin agreed the following objects at a special meeting called in Exeter on 19 April.
1. To give help to the poorest Palestinian children and in particular to enable them to attend school. This is our primary object.
2. To give aid to the poorest Palestinian families whenever possible so they can better support their children.
3. To foster communication, understanding and friendly relationships between the British, Israeli and Palestinian peoples - for instance by the 'twinning' of schools.
4. To speak with other charitable oganisations for peace and justice in the region.

We hope that registration happens as speedily as possible. This is because the 40 foot container that will be filled with woollen blankets, childrens garments, medical supplies and classroom materials cannot be dispatched until the Dove and the Dolphin has achieved charitable status. Otherwise duties will be charged that we cannot at present afford.