20 December 2003

Container still sits at Ashdod.

Some hours of 'phoning, e-mailing and faxing to the shipping agent, customs supervisor, customs broker, Israeli Embassy, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Chief Rabbi's office have not advanced container GCNU-401770-3 a whisker. Last week I spoke to Westcountry TV, Radio 5 Live and Radio Devon in response to a kind follow-up enquiry from the former.

Snakes and ladders come to mind with the accent on the snakes. However we will go on looking for the ladders because there are little ones shivering in Gaza.

Meanwhile we have everything collected up in Teignmouth for the second container. This will be sent only when we are sure we have an absolute reassurance that it will go through into Gaza within a week or so.

Salam and Shalom.