29 March 2003

David speaks at the Islamic Centre in Exeter

The Centre is the focus of study and worship for Muslims in Exeter. The Imam comes from Sudan and he helps to nourish inclusive attitudes in the 600 strong congregation along with the 3 trustees. The folk look outwards and for instance there are good relations with the small band of Exeter Jews (the Exeter Synagogue is the third oldest in the UK).
David spoke with some passion about the Voyage of the Dove and the Dolphin and its origins given that the day is the ninth in 'the war of liberation of Iraq'. He encouraged a coming together for peace and justice regardless of creed,nationality or ethnicity. It is likely that the fellowship at the Centre will contribute to help the poorest children in Gaza. Money is being drawn in which will be sent there so that uniforms and schoolbags can be made and school materials purchased for them. The need for shoes was also mentioned and if an economic source of 'trainers' is found over here, some may be sent in the container