17 January 2009

D&D gets first relief to Gaza - 20,000 pounds sent urgently

The bombing started 27 December. Later there was the 'ground offensive'. At least 400 children have been killed, at least 1200 humans in all and 4000 injured -phosphorus burns included.

17 January Dear David & Yousef,

It is great to write in this conditions, I'm writing quickly before cutting the electricity.

Re. the emergency projects

1.The bought disposables by $10,000

2. The reliefs, 125 families started from this morning receiving coupons by NIS150 for each (total of $5000) from a determined supermarket to buy the essential needs. The traders were very cooperative -they will wait weeks to receive payment. This the first stage, another $5000 will be in different scheme during the next days, I will follow with all.

3. The $10,000 cash money, I coordinate with some people in Jabalia camp and preparing list of beneficiaries. This will take some days so there are another charities do the same thing and I follow with them.

Please, for any notes call me by mobile.

Best Regards