29 February 2004

Eyes Open Gaza again and again

Since Christmas, David has spoken with:-
1. A large and mostly elderly group at Torquay.
2. The WI at Haytor! That all went fine except the videotape jammed because of excess moisture. The ladies were instead given the history of the nakba and apparently with no regrets. The video will be shown there in the summer at a coffee morning to raise funds for D and D.
3. A good and deeply concerned Wesley Guild group at Bovey Tracey. Their Reverend Peter Smith has been to palestine several times. A generous collection was made. The concern and involvement of this group has been cemented with the donation of many items like soaps/toothbrushes which are being put in toilet bags made by our great supporter, Frances Boulton in Exeter.
4. One for the Soroptimists of Torquay. This went alright eventually, David having forgotten to include the videorecorder in the kit! An ex-matron and several ex-patients were there to keep Dawood on his toes.
5. A long journey by train to Cambridge on Friday 20 February. An enthusiastic group drawn from several interests. Some superb singing to a lute like instrument. The video was shown later and David spoke to it and the nakba. The audience were moved to work even harder for justice and peace in Palestine. A good many Palestinians were there. David stayed with Sonia and Ian Napthine and then sped home.