19 April 2003

Eyes Open Gaza

Phill Ireland and Stephen Carroll (who had taught Phill in the media studies part of his English Lit. degree) put together a pastiche from broadcast TV and radio programmes plus video/audio recordings made by the crew and 'stills'. The focus was on the children of the Gaza strip. The widespread destruction and oppression were made obvious. An audience of about 140 obviously appreciated the art and passion of this 20 minute film. Time was short but there followed a question and answer session with the seven members of the crew who had come together for the showing at the front. 10 copies of the 'video' quickly sold out so more are being copied. One could feel that the energy for the project was strong and that more numerous and stronger ripples are spreading outwards. Crew members are being asked to speak to groups with this video as the focal point. This happy event was supported generously by donations. Thank you Steve and Phill for your many hours of thought and feeling. (Total addition to our funds to be added later)