02 February 2003

First email

10.30 sunday. just past ushant and starting the b of b. force 5 to 7 so not as bad as it might be. its from the west so we're rolling a lot. didn't manage to sleep last night. was very sick. still queasy and the chef is cooking hare for dinner. don't think i'll manage any.

it is difficult to do anything as you need to hang on all the time. i'm sitting on a stool at the moment with feet braced but still keep sliding sideways. david is the only other one who is unwell. not sick yet but has stayed in bed.this is some sort of telex system that works on an old dos set up. it is cheap to send but too expensive to receive.

i had a good chat with the crew and captainlast night till late. sang a few vsongs together.