01 February 2007


A symbolic voyage of solidarity and protest to Gaza via Ashdod slipped its moorings four years ago from Haldon Pier, Torquay. Secondly, it was also a protest against what was to be unleashed weeks later and a plea for reason.

I feel a little emotional today. The D&D flag has been struck here. Main task at present is to get a group of specialists together for a teaching/learning visit to Gaza from 18-03-07 to 1-04-07. I left the second D&D flag with my friend Dr Khamis Elessi in Gaza. I have suggested that it be flown outside the Dove and Dolphin International Medical Centre which we will be inaugurating. I have the feeling that this will prove valuable and it will certainly show our solidarity.

As yet more bloodshed is promised, world citizens will join hands across the globe - especially with the poor and with those under the heel.


This is the statement we have written for the D&D medical centre:-
The Dove and Dolphin International Medical Centre

''It is recognised that the brutal occupation has limited the teaching
of medicine and its allied
subjects in Palestine. Its people deserve the best standards of practice
within a universal health
service. The Dove and Dolphin International Medical Centre has been
conceived to help in these aims by
inviting doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and all who enhance health,
to come together so that they mutually
increase their knowledge, skills and morale. Thus all who participate
will be committing themselves to the
highest ideals of their professions and so serve all the people to the
best of their abilities.''

Dr Khamis Elessi MD Mr David Halpin FRCS