13 April 2003

Fund raising lunch in Haytor

Peggy Powell, a long time resident in Haytor Vale, organised this happy event with friends and neighbours. It was supported by a good cross section of people including children who helped. The party had to spill out of the house and on to the road and around a table draped with a flag of the Dove and the Dolphin. John Hingley came from Brixham with his partner Sue to give support. John Maughan had to cancel because he has a big back log of orders that he is still trying to get on top of. This warm hearted 'do' raised £505 so well done Peggy and her helpers. Peggy can only manage short distances with two sticks but the distance of her mind and her compassion are not shortened in the same way. At the end David thanked her and those who had helped and supported the D and D. He gave an outline of the motives for the voyage and the future aims.