25 December 2004


Wadi Foquien is one of many beleaguered villages in the West Bank. It lies close by Bethlehem which is suffering similarly but on a much greater scale. Along with others, Sue and I visited the people there in October. The ‘security’ wall threatens to encircle it and several water cisterns that are used for agriculture (built with the help of EU money) are ‘slated’ for destruction. A fine kindergarten was built with the help of World Vision. The strangling of the economy has meant that the $1000 needed to pay the three teachers have not been found. Furthermore, there were arrears of various charges amounting to $3000. There were few if any stars in the blackness.

So the Dove and Dolphin decided to send $4000 to the Future Vision bank account from which the kindergarten teachers will be paid and the other costs met. The members of past study groups will be canvassed and it is hoped that there will be sufficient standing orders to guarantee an income of at least $800 per month. An income of $200 per month towards the teachers’ salaries is expected from the village itself.

Fahmi Manasra is one of the leaders of this project. He sent a letter of thanks to us on the 23 December :-

‘We received the great news with unspeakable joy. We thought that

salvation had come to us .

Your generous grant is making so much impact and a huge change in the

whole community. It is shifting us from the state of despair to the

state of hope and optimism …………………….’

The Dove and Dolphin is very privileged to have helped a little.