14 July 2023

Hidden horrors

The Tamimi family are targeted because they are eloquent and resist - always. I am trying to recall the name of a remarkable red haired daughter - then aged 15 who slapped the face of an Israeli 'soldier' and was then imprisoned for some months - in isolation. A brother had been shot dead not long before and 'they' were trying to enter the family house.

Dear friends

It is with the greatest concern that we alert you to the case of young Wisam and Mohammed Tamimi, from the village of Nabi Saleh, near Ramallah. They have been tortured for a month by the Israeli secret services, without the world knowing.

Wisam Tamimi, 17, and Mohammed Tamimi, 20, both suffered skull injuries from the occupying army. They were kidnapped in early June at dawn from their homes after a "raid" by the Israeli army, which killed the 2 and a half-year-old little Mohammed and injured several other civilians. They were to be tried by a military court on Sunday. But their trial has just been postponed for the third time (August 7 for Wisam and August 14 for Mohammed).

As a result, the occupier sent them back for “interrogation” to the Moscobiyeh torture center in Jerusalem, called the “slaughterhouse” by Palestinians.

Their parents could only see them for a few seconds in court this Sunday, and could only see that they were in a sad state. They were beaten by the torturers, Mohammed lost an eye, already fragile, under the blows, and after being sprayed with tear gas. They are both in isolation cells between two "interrogations", and they are freezing because the air conditioning is deliberately turned on its maximum.

The army had smashed the skull, 6 years ago, of Mohammed Tamimi, the cousin of Ahed Tamimi, and left him disabled for life. He had to undergo many surgeries and plastic operations to regain a "normal" face, but is now unable to study or work.

Wisam Tamimi, meanwhile, was shot and wounded nearly 5 weeks ago while he was on the roof of his house watching the Israeli invasion. Hospitalized for a fractured skull and a cerebral hemorrhage, he was kidnapped by the army as soon as he left the hospital.

Lawyers have decided to lodge a complaint in France against those responsible for this torture. The International Convention Against Torture allows them to do so.

We are asking you to help us make their situation known and to intervene with your representatives so that they put an end to the torture and imprisonment of these young detainees.

As you have seen, Israel's ruling fascists assassinated 12 opponents in an air and ground attack last week in Jenin. They are currently continuing their massacres, increasing the raids of soldiers in this region, as well as in Nablus, Tulkarem, Hebron, Jerusalem and near Ramallah. They also let settlers carry out pogroms in the occupied West Bank. But they did not succeed in overcoming the Palestinian resistance.


This did not prevent the French government from “seeking advice from Israel” in recent days, in terms of “maintaining order”, at the time of the youth riots! An unspeakable scandal. We must denounce loud and clear this collaboration with Israeli terrorism!


All means of showing our support for the Palestinians under occupation are good, and you will find on our website europalestine.com examples of solidarity throughout the world.

We are sending this little video called “PARIS PALESTINE TOUR” and we hope you will have as much fun watching it as we had making it!

VIDEO (4 MN): https://youtu.be/zGpKVOabGto

Best wishes,