17 July 2006


I am not sure of this North American term but I can describe in a later posting what was done to our web site. Not a pretty story and no doubt we failed to receive some vital donations. This e-mail is a gentle example of what one expects if one speaks for justice in Palestine.

Comment: yours is the most one-sided website considering you're neither
Jewish nor a Muslim - you've made your 'choice' with scant regard for
history. It sure was clever, your title to the last message re: the power
plant. No word, of course, about continued terrorism by bomb-wearing
fanatics, or nightly rocket attacks against Israelis, or the kidnapping of
an Israeli soldier. No, you focus only on the so-called 'occupation' - and
what exactly is Israel occupying? Last any historian checked there has
never actually been a 'Palestine' and these pre-1967 territories were
either Jordan or Egypt (but then, Dr. H, you already know this yourself).
The so-called Palestinians have never, ever accepted the very existence of
Israel even when they had the chance to have their own state in the 40s.
Each time they rallied the military forces of the Arab world to try and
crush tiny Israel. Now they have paid the price. Even in recent years they
didn't take Ehud Barak's plan - they could have had a state of their own
years ago...but the simple fact is that they will never accept Israel. If
the Israelis pulled back to the Green Line, what do you think would
happen? The end to intifada? Of course not - they would mass at the border
and lob rockets into Israel for decades. Sadly, you're a misguided old
English fool, and we were right to homestead your website a few years ago
when you announced your exploits
Name: Your Jewish friends in Torquay & Paignton
Email: [email protected]