06 November 2008

In memory of Professor Gareth Rees Millington Yorkshire

These words have come from Bethan Rees. She says this about her father.

'Professor Gareth Rees, Director for Environmental Health at the Robens Centre for Public Health, was an internationally acknowledged environmental scientist and author in the field of microbiology, water quality and public health. Being a consultant to the British Council in the area of Health Sciences, resulted in him leading a Practical Training Course in Sea Water and Beach Pollution in Gaza from January 1996 onwards. This eventually lead to a formal, British Council supported, Link Programme between the Islamic University of Gaza and Farnborough College of Technology, renewed for a further two year period in early 1999 and expanded to involve the RCPEH at the University of Surrey.
On October 31st, Professor Gareth Rees sadly lost his long battle with cancer at his family home in Millington. His funeral is to take place on Friday 7th, with donations to the Dove and Dolphin Trust, which he always believed did an amazing job in helping heal Gaza.'

I first spoke with him about three months ago. He continued to want to help people in Gaza, especially the children, even though he was very ill. One thing he set in train was support for a young medical scientist at the Islamic University of Gaza. In one e-mail he said he was pleased that I liked 'fairness'. That simple word is not often used nowadays. No doubt it describes one of the many good qualities of a man I had wished to spend time with.

The Dove and Dolphin Charity thank Bethan, the family and the other mourners for helping us in our useful work.

Photo is of children in Gaza holding up their 'dubs' - knitted by a lady in Southampton!