19 February 2003

Living the journey - message from Cheryl Maughan

llHaving lived the whole journey - warts and all- here in Boscastle, just
want to congratulate you all on achieving exactly what you set out to do -
the children must be enchanted by this motley crew bearing peace, food,
clothes, smiles,songs.and friendship- these should be the right of every
child ...really touched the heart of all who know about the voyage and its
intentions. That first email from David inviting John to join the voyage was
such a bolt from the blue on January 7th and now the mission is almost
complete. I must admit I had some doubts that they would actually see the
whole thing through because of the volatility of the situation in Gaza, but
I will believe anything is possible once David has set his mind to it,
especially backed by Superwoman Sue! .........Look forward to reunion at
Heathrow! Website has been greatly admired by all-and quite rightly - gold
star to you! Thanks also to the back up team for paving the way and looking
after them so well and to PR Paul for keeping me posted! So anything is
possible......... what's next David? love to you all! Cheryl - John
Maughan's wife.