25 May 2024

Message from Mahmoud Baroud PhD currently in Deir Albalah ex Rafah ex Gaza City ex Bier Saba 1948

Sue and me are friends of Mahmoud Baroud. He was reading for a thesis here in Devon at Exeter University in about 2008. His thesis was the ‘influence of Arabic literature on the English novel.’ His focus was on Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe. He was and is Senior Lecturer in English Literature at the IUG - the Islamic University of Gaza with its 20,000 students – from nursing to IT etc etc.

Now the fine buildings and the many archives are rubble under the genocide of the native people started with planning in 1948. Rubble too are most homes – the temples of the family I have called them, most hospitals, mosques, clinics, UNRWA schools etc. Add to this the deliberate targeting of journalists, medics and political leaders – via ‘lavender’ and ‘gospel’! The counted dead now stands at c. 36,000 but there will be at least 10,000 putrifying under concrete. Added to this are those dying of gas gangrene, other wound infection, diaorrheal disease of multiple cause, malnutrition – whilst the world watches. This most terrible genocide, streamed live, is fully supported by the US, and many other ‘western’ nations – the UK especially, with the leaders of the two main ’parties’ clear in their support. They will be indicted.

Message from Mahmoud Baroud PhD currently in Deir Abalah ex Rafah ex Gaza City ex Beer Saba 1948 (grandfather)

I now append the message we had from Mahmoud yesterday, and a message from the remarkable Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh. This underlines Mahmoud that several billions of 'humans' are with you, unlike their execrable 'leaders' - so many fascists among them.  Read  https://dhalpin.infoaction.org.uk/    search  'part' - 'the continuum of fascism' - Parts 1 to 7.


Dear Sue and David,

We are trying to adapt ourselves to the new place and conditions in Deir Albalah. Hard times and very painful to be displaced yet again, which means lots of effort mentally, psychologically and - financially as well. Please do not leave us alone. Any kind of support is highly appreciated.

Update. My youngest sister lost three sons in the Rafah invasion. They were killed in the eastern part.


From the remarkable Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh – in NZ currently, and from Bethlehem, made a ghetto by the Zionist entity in ?2006 -

The Genocide is continuing and now spreading to the West Bank. Israeli forces killed 12 Palestinians in Jenin including several students and a doctor. Children in Gaza ae still being murdered by the apartheid genocidal regime supported by the US and other western (also colonial) governments. Meanwhile the global awakening is happening at an accelerated pace. I feel that as I talk to people of various backgrounds in packed attendance halls now in Aotearoa (aka New Zealand).
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Holocaust survivor tells it like it is: https://youtu.be/AxLtxX7kPcU


Finally this in today by my friend the Editor in Chief of Global Research, Michel Chossudovsky