06 January 2015

Mahmoud Baroud PhD gives us an update from the ghetto which is Gaza

Mahmoud, a peaceful lecturer in English, is barred from travelling to Portugal to take up a scholarship. The Egyptian high command collaborates with the Zionist entity to imprison them all.

I am placing Mahmoud's e-mail, on our now rather silent Dove and Dolphin web site, to say we send our love to all our sisters and brothers in Gaza, and that we know that both the adult and child martyrs will not have died in vain.  We also send our sympathy to the thousands who were injured in this most recent bombardment and invasion, and in former 'wars', wishing that they make as full as recovery as possible.  Some of those are described in


Salaam alaikum Mahmoud and Mona and children

Dear Brother David and Sister Sue,

I am writing just to congratulate you and say Happy New Year. I hope that this new year will bring peace and success everywhere including Palestine. I hope that you are having a nice time with your beloved ones in such a lovely time of the year.
Here in Gaza, there is no change so far regarding the ongoing siege and the blockade imposed on Gaza by the Zionists and their allies in the region. We have only 5 or 6 hours of power supply which casts its negative impacts on all aspects of life, education, health ......etc. The crossing between Gaza and Egypt is still closed which restricts our movement as academics. I myself was supposed to travel this month to Portugal as I won a scholarship to spend one month at the University of Portugal to conduct some research. Certainly I won't be able to make it and have to postpone it to June 2015.
Having said that we are trying our best to adapt ourselves and continue living on this earth. We stick to our guns till we reach there and get our freedom.

Our Love and Salaam to you and Sue and our friends in the UK

Image - Cupola of Khuzaa mosque remains after the barbarians have left.

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