04 August 2007

Nihad reports from CCAST where we funded the IT laboratory

Prime Minister Ishmail Haniyeh and many other leaders were present at CCAST when the donors were thanked. The D&D was at the head of that list.

This message from Nihad on 3 August by e-mail.

Last Thursday, I was invited to CCAST – the Community College for Advanced Science and Technology – to attend the fourth graduation party as representative of the D&D – the Dove and Dolphin Charity.

There were about 3500 students, as well as ministers, prominent persons and the modest guest Mr Haniyeh, the Prime Minister. The Dean, Dr Sarraj, talked at length. In part of his speech he listed and thanked the CCAST donors. Actually it made me very happy when our small charity, the D&D, was at the head of this list which all those present were hearing.

Every day a lot of people hear and know more about the D&D and its small but focused and effective activities. I hope these points will serve us well in raising funds.

Best regards Nihad Taha

David Halpin wrote this about the IT lab for CCAST in June 2006:-

The Community of Applied Science and Technology - a technical college towards the north of the Gaza strip. The principal, Dr Sarraj, is a civil engineer. There are 4,400 students of whom half are women. We had been asked to fund the purchase of computers etc for an IT laboratory to accommodate 20 students at a time. Tenders went out, and although communications are poor for imposed reasons, I understand the installation is near complete. All students from all faculties will be taught in this IT lab. I had corresponded with Microsoft in Jordan with the intention of getting some help towards this scheme. Although it met the criteria for one of Microsoft's schemes and all questions were answered, suddenly there was unexplained silence. Was this too part of the siege? We have just been thanked for the money for the IT lab by Dr Sarraj - about $18,000. The 'machines' have been ordered, but their delivery into Gaza will depend on whether the Karnai crossing is opened.

David Halpin writes now:-

The IT lab was set up ready for the start of the Autumn term last year. I was privileged to be asked to open it when I visited Gaza in October 2006. I was investigating the use of unconventional weapons by the Israelis.

This has been a very worthwhile project. Just think - helping 4,400 students gain IT skills.