06 November 2010

Nihad Taha 'our man' in Gaza speaks

The nations of the world remain silent about the siege which started in 2006 and about the indescribable suffering of the people in Gaza. The nations are complicit in their silence. They do not speak and there is no end.


Dear David,

We have finished distributing school uniforms ( 925 pieces) for 475 girls and
450 boys from North, South and Gaza governorates. All D&D scholars and their
brothers beside many charities and syndicates benefited from this project. It was a small budget but it left a big effect on 925 students and their families
and generally within the society.

A very important 'spin off' was that we operated a workshop for one month
which had been silent for 5 years. 10 workers worked for one month. One of them has 8 sons, whilst the owner has 7 sons, 4 of whom worked for this month. They were very happy. One of the workers said 'today I can buy fruits
for my children and I'm very happy.' Every worker had 45 -50 NIS / day and that is very good in these days.

The quality of garments were excellent, and all the recipients thanked the D&D and the British people for this good help.

We hope to continue in implementing new projects and employ new workers.

IMAGE Caption - Precious work for him and the children who will wear the uniforms


ME. Please tell me how things are, including the 'political' scene briefly.

NIHAD 28 October 2010 The 'political' scene. There is silence, but so much stress. A new attack on Gaza is expected because it has a 'low wall.'
Half of the Gaza people cannot pass out through Rafah, even for Makka because they are 'Hamas'! Also, on the other side, in the West Bank, there are new settlements, betrayal and plots.

ME 6 November 2010 Nihad does not mention that the people and property, including farmland, are being attacked daily. There are steady reports of wounding and of killing. A previous message reports the deliberate shooting of children in their legs at Beit Hanoun whilst they collect ballast for building for a few shekels. Qassam rockets are fired sporadically and in response to 'incursions'.

This is what the people fear. This a two minute trailer of 'Tears of Gaza'. Dr Ashraf Ezzat has written 'One of the latest examples of showing solidarity and compassion with the people of Gaza is Vibeke Løkkeberg, a Norwegian film actress and director who while watching the news coverage of the ruthless Israeli war on Gaza during the winter 2008-2009 became so deeply moved that she decided to make a documentary revealing the naked truth of what really happened in Gaza that winter. The Israelis called the inhumane raids “cast lead”, Løkkeberg called it in the film, Tears of Gaza but the UN “Goldstone report” described it as “a deliberately disproportionate attack designed to punish, humiliate and terrorize a civilian population.”

Please see the trailer and publicise the film.


Shukran Thank you For truth, reason and justice David