24 July 2006

Occupying forces shooting tanks.

From Nihad in Gaza -
Dear David and Yousef (another trustee - a PhD),
According to many letters from charitable societies, municipalities reports and UNRWA need assessments, it is found that water tanks are the most needed items for those who have lost their homes totally or partially. The Israeli shooting made holes in these tanks so they are unable to store water. Also they destroy others by destroying homes or some rooms, these tanks being on the roofs of homes.

These black plastic tanks (most of these recycled but all Gaza citizens use the same tanks) are some times painted white to save them being damaged by the sun. The capacity required now to contain more water for longer time is 1500 L particularly at these days in the discontinue of electricity.

The recycled plastic material will concern you as a doctor but we cannot worry about that. When the water is running for no more than two days, we have to catch it.

The cost of each 1500 L tank= NIS 350 in the range of $80
The needed homes: hundreds
The place: different areas at Gaza Strip

We can live little days without food but we cannot without water.

Best Wishes Nihad

Picture - roof of a little home in Khan Younis refugee camp in February 2003. A flechette mortar shell had dropped through the roof in the early hours. Note the puncture holes. The grandfather died, a cousin lost an eye and three little ones had 'shrapnel' in them.