23 December 2006

Peace on earth, and mercy mild. There is no God but Allah.

On Tuesday afternoon, 19 December 2006, IOF shot dead a 13-year-old Palestinian child near the Annexation Wall in Far’oun village, southwest of Tulkarm.

In her testimony to PCHR, Rasha Khaled Shalabi said:

“At approximately 13:35 on Tuesday, 19 December 2006, Do’aa’ and I finished our school day. I told her that I wanted to visit my grandmother’s house in Artah suburb near al-Taibeh checkpoint. She wanted to go with me. We walked towards my grandmother’s house, which is nearly 3 kilometers away from our school, but we were lost. We found ourselves close to the Wall. We attempted to move closer to the Wall to explore what it is. We went down to see the Wall. We then moved up, but we saw an IOF jeep. We attempted to hide. IOF soldiers fired at us. I went down to hide and told Do’aa’ to do the same, but she did not listen and continued to run. I ran behind her. Suddenly, Do’aa’ held my hand saying: ‘There Is No God But Allah.” She was bleeding. She fell onto the ground. I sat near her. The jeep arrived near us and IOF soldiers attempted to offer her first medical aid. An ambulance then evacuated her to an Israeli hospital. She died at 17.30 ''

483 Palestinians, 306 of whom are civilians, including 92 children and 30 women, have been killed by IOF since the capture of Corporal Shalit on 25 June. In the Gaza Strip alone, 405 Palestinians, 243 of whom are civilians, including 84 children, 28 women and 4 paramedics, haven been killed by the IOF.