24 June 2007

Running for love of humanity

Fred Jenkins from Plymouth, Devon is a careers adviser at a secondary school and a marathon runner. In this, the 59 ninth year of al nakba - the catastrophe - he is taking part in a marathon in Beirut. He said this in his e-mail to the D&D website:-

Comment: I attended a presentation about the Dove and Dolphin project fairly recently, and was interested by the work that is being done in support of the medical centre in Gaza. This is something that I would very much wish to support. I am a keen and experienced distance runner with 25 years background in the sport. I have used this interest as a means to raise funds for various projects and charities over the years. On November 18th 2007, I have a place in the BLOM Bank Beirut marathon organised by the Beirut marathon association. If you would like me to use this event as a vehicle for raising funds for your medical centre projects in Gaza, I would be more than pleased to do so. Around 12 years ago I managed to raise £1000 for some similar projects in South East Asia and would probably set a similar target this time. If you would like me to support you in this way, please contact me and we can hopefully discuss methods in more detail. I shall look forward to hearing from you.

Fred Jenkins

And there is more to follow - details re sponsorship plus ?help with a pilot project in Gaza.

(The photo is of Sue Halpin on Haldon Pier, with vegetables that are to be loaded on MV Barbara for the voyage to Ashdod, via Malta.)