25 April 2011

Susan and myself are off to Gaza

Susan and myself are off to Gaza. We will be amongst many friends and staying with a family whom we looked after in Britain. The objects – solidarity first and foremost, the Dove and Dolphin, and for me to speak with the medical students of the Islamic University.

Nihad Taha has arranged a full schedule with some time to put our feet up as well!

I have met the students twice before. I was impressed with their calibre and their devotion to their studies. I have prepared two talks with 'power point' presentations for them at the request of my brother, Dr Khamis Elessi. One is on wound management and the other is philosophical – how should we care for people in sickness and in injury. Public health will be included in the discussion. I will, of course, speak of the advanced evisceration of our NHS which was set well in train under the 'Peace' envoy Blair.

As for the Palestinians, things are changing. More and more people learn of the agony. Even World Service on the BBC this last night was different! I heard Ms ? Gilbert presenting Suad Amiry, the author of 'Sharon and My Mother-in-Law: Ramallah Diaries' Suad had been part of the literary festival held in Ramallah recently. Because of the 'situation' and the roadblocks, the participants had to travel around and submit to the habitual interrogations. The festival was held in the universites and cities since people could not go to Ramallah.

One day the terrible suffering will cease and the people will return to their land. Their lungs will fill with the air of freedom and their noses with the scent of orange blossom.

Whilst in Gaza we will remember the many, many thousands of Palestinians who have been killed as well as those people from outside like Rachel, Tom, James and most recently, Vik Arrigoni. The letter from his mother should be read.

Google the 'Web Site of David Halpin' for 'The buzzard, the vulture, and the cuckoo: Perfidious Albion in Libya.' I hope Bill is available to put it on tomorrow.

Susan and I will say goodbye. There is a lot to see about the Dove – hamama, and the Dolphin – delphinus.

As my mother used to say to the four of us – 'be kind to one another.' And as I said when the badly damaged MV Dignity put into Sour in Lebanon after its ramming by a very powerful Israeli gunboat 30 December 2008 -

'The powerful own the law, but we must confront barbarity and cherish children everywhere”

For truth, reason and justice


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