28 November 2006

Take note of 'Give Them Tomorrow' - ''Charity Appeal for Palestinian Children''

It has recently come to our notice that the above web site exists. It purports to be raising funds for Palestinian children and uses our symbols and a copied page from the Dove and Dolphin web site. Businesses have been approached and if no donation was forthcoming there was a threat to publish their names. Complaints have been received by the Charity Commissioners from businesses.

The trustees of the Dove and Dolphin Charity 1100119 wish to make it absolutely clear that:-
1. 'Give Them Tomorrow' was set up without their knowledge.
2. They note the incongruous contents.
3. They completely reject the attempt to gain donations under duress - in fact using moral blackmail.
4. No donations have been received from this direction.
5. We judge that this web site was set up for entirely mischievous purposes.
6. We are seeking to have this web site removed.
7. We note this further attempt to harm a charity which promotes the health and welfare of Palestinian children among its aims.

The web site address of 'Give Them Tomorrow', whilst it exists is