20 January 2009

The full extent of the shoah is being revealed.


The deputy 'defence' minister, Matan Vilnai, promised the Palestinian people of Gaza as 'shoah' - Hebrew for holocaust. Now the UK broadcast media has access to Gaza, the full horror is being revealed.

Dear David & Yousef,

I'm writing from the D&D office, this is the first time since 25 days, the age of Gaza war. After war Gaza is different, in all sides, we are very keen to rebuild Gaza. This is our nation and will not let Israel repeat the 1948 again.

The Palestinian now is different, he knows his actual friends. No middle position, you must stand beside the truth or beside the occupation and their tails. Some families lost 26 persons at one moment like Alsammoni and Aldaya families, but they did not carry the white flag.

We will continue and sure the free world nations will be beside us. However, I follow with some charities some surveying for damages in small areas, also I will write next days and if you need any details then I'm ready.

Special thank for David, Yousef and Sue.