29 November 2006

The water costs four times more than in Israel. What about the water tanks?

I noted there was no drinking water tank at the boys' secondary school we visited in October. I asked Nihad to arrange for the D&D to provide one, as it had done for six other schools.

Dear David,

I visited many local stainless steel factories to collect information for new tanks, but I was frustrated because the costs raised to 40%. We tried to find replacements, but that happened because of the hard closure. Before Summer Rains the transportation costs just from Karni passage (the commercial terminal) to Gaza (7 Km) were NIS 3000, now costs about NIS 17,000 (about $3,700). Now every thing is expensive. However, an Arabic international charity contacted me to find schools needing water tanks; they have budget for 70 tanks. I helped them in finding schools, and used my contacts to find a potable water supplier. Also, UNICEF are implementing similar projects for other schools. My opinion - our budget is limited so we should contribute in different fields and projects.

Waiting your directions. Nihad Taha