11 July 2006

They can bomb the power station, but they cannot bomb ideas. E-mail from Nihad.

Dear David,

As you know, since 5 months 160,000 employees didn’t receive their salaries, and the new universities semesters are on the doors. Actually I contacted one of my friends who works in the registration department at Islamic university and asked him about the general situation for students, fees paying, universities employees salaries. He concluded in lines: about 90% of students can’t pay for fees, so the university faces a big problem in registering those students. So they can’t register them and at the same time they can’t reject them!. They expect complex coming months, so if students will not pay then no salaries for them. This issue is happening in all local universities.

I would like here to propose new and small project budget about $4500, this will serve at least 100 students of the scientific colleges.

Project name: D&D mini library

Target people: 100 students yearly of scientific colleges

Project description: circulated books, distribute on at least 100 students from the scientific specialises, those students need every semester about $45 for every one. Our library will contains only the scientific references ‘every references cost about $20’ but not original books.

References features: every reference can be used by the student at least for two semesters, and after that another students can use it.

Work strategy: full coordination between D&D and the socials affairs department at the local universities. Just the needy student can benefit of this proposed project. And the same student can use more than one books of D&D library.

Project duration: this project will continue for many years and can be expand because books will be circulated and returned, so we expect new 100 students every year.

These are just ideas born from suffering. If you are interested we can work on this ideas to develop and execute.

(DSH. I am discussing this with Yousef Zawahreh, one of our trustees. He will speak with Nihad IF the telephones are working.)

Best wishes