28 January 2009

Two academic institutions and one hospital damaged or destroyed

Two academic institutions and one hospital damaged or destroyed - adding to the very long list of crimes.

Dr Yahya Serraj says - Please find attached a file showing the damage caused to UCAS by the Israeli attack.

I reply -Dear Yahya, dear sisters and brothers,

Salaam alaikum

I have just received this from Dr Yahya Serraj about UCAS - formerly CCAST - College of Advanced Science and Technology. He is the president. D and D provided 20 operating systems so that every one of the 4,400 students could have some instruction in IT. You will see the damage done to this fine college, of which they were rightly proud. No mention is made of the IT facility installed by D and D in 2006.

Also of El Wafa, which rehabilitation hospital I am closely attached to through my brother Dr Khamis Elessi. This suffered direct hits in spring of 2008. It has been very badly damaged in this latest barbaric invasion. The Dove and Dolphin International Medical Centre, which is across the road from the hospital and on the third floor, has lost its roof. 12 tank shells were fired into the hospital during 'Operation Cast Lead'.

I am thinking too of the wonderful facilities in the Islamic University of Gaza - the two science buildings are now rubble. A gene sequencing machine costing 500,000 dollars was being used to investigate inherited disease.

But Khamis said this to me last night. 'We are all right and we are together. We see each day that comes as being better than the last'. For anyone who has seen the footage shown on C4 by Jonathan Miller and Inigo Gilmour, that stoicism might seem a product of delusion. Let us make sure the people of the world, not the psychopathic politicians of the underworld, stay with them in their determination.

For truth, reason and justice

David Halpin Chairman of the trustees of the Dove and Dolphin Charity.

Image - bombed refugees, 17 February 2003 P.Ireland