13 November 2023



To the Rt.Hon. Suella Braverman, Home Secretary, the Rt.Hon. Mel Stride - Work and Pensions, the Rt.Hon. Grant Shapps 'Defence' Secretary

Dear Ministers,

Firstly I address the Home Secretary. Quote from Wiki - Braverman was born in Harrow .... She is the daughter of Uma (née Mootien-Pillay) and Christie Fernandes,[2] both of Indian origin,[3][4] who immigrated to Britain in the 1960s from Mauritius and Kenya respectively. You neglect the history of British imperialism - say the Amritsar massacre, the starvation of 4 million in Bengal in WW2 (Churchill), and all the bloodied rest.

I read this - RT reporting many facts with some bias now again, against the sewer flowing from the British press, and the Zionist Broadcasting Company, ITV etc -


Quote - Braverman doubled down on labeling pro-Palestinian demonstrations “hate marches,” arguing that there is “no excuse” when the exercise of the freedom of speech “crosses the line” into hateful slogans.

There is nothing hateful Suella Braverman in speaking up for a native people whose land and thus their living was robbed using armed force and terror - Deir Yassin - April 1948.  One of about 24 massacres designed to strike terror in a mostly pastoral people. You shame the name of the UK government. I have spoken up for my sisters and brothers in Palestine since February 2003  https://youtu.be/CdTJG2ZswUg  20 minutes - and will continue to do so against your vile threats. I do so as a citizen of Britain born symbolically 14-04-1940, and a doctor and orthopaedic and trauma surgeon. You are on 'the wrong side of history'. Palestine will be a nation of all its citizens, respecting each of its citizens and its laws. You know well that there is no law - here or internationally viz  Julian Assange and my colleague surgeon Mohammad Adil FRCS Ed FRCSI, and David Kelly CMG DSC - no inquest - 20 years on.

I pass by the Minister for Work and Pensions - our local Member of Parliament Mel Stride.


I address Mr Grant Shapps. I read  https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-67095846   "UK to deploy Royal Navy ships to Middle East to 'bolster security".   NO Mr Shapps. Britain set up the Zionist garrison, leading to perpetual strife and war, with the flow of liquid gold central in the psychopathic mind. The time now is for contrition, and to find a chink of compassion in a seemingly stony heart. To make amends for the incarceration of millions of the native people, of their torture and killing, and the creation of 9 million Palestinian refugees - this including their successors. Refugees, just as Blair was central in creating 6 million Iraqi refugees in a war for 'Israel'. Attached - Yinon. 

This is what we humans need to do - very quickly as when dockyards adapted ships for the Falklands War (more oil).

https://ukdefencejournal.org.uk/new-british-hospital-ships-proposed/  Penny Mordaunt. But we have -

https://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/our-organisation/the-fighting-arms/royal-fleet-auxiliary/casualty-ship/rfa-argus    Dispatch this to Gaza within a week Mr Shapps. It could keep alive about 200 of the most injured children, say about 5% of the whole. Top speed 18+ knots. Off Gaza in 8 days.

There will be a vast need for secondary and tertiary surgery, and for the limited healing of the minds. So - see to the conversion to hospital ships of the ridiculous 'sitting ducks' ordered by the paramount war criminal and psychopath Anthony Charles Lynton Blair - HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales - renamed. There is a ready surgical, medical, anaesthetic and psychiatric workforce available in the UK. And there are some recently retired doctors who would come on deck. Some more weeks waiting for the 7 million (some unnecessarily) will be understood by a majority, in an NHS all three parties have dismantled over 40 years.

Now is the time Mr Shapps to show your humanity.

for truth    and for 'no mother and child should be in the least harmed anywhere in our still beautiful world.'

David Halpin MB BS FRCS  Haytor, Dartmoor, Devon    0044 1364 661115  https://doveanddolphin.co.uk/     https://dhalpin.infoaction.org.uk/


Further reading -

https://dhalpin.infoaction.org.uk/7-articles/political/21-remembrance-and-hypocrisy  At the Cenotaph 2005

https://dhalpin.infoaction.org.uk/6-articles/palestineisrael/107-the-methodical-shooting-of-boys-at-work-in-gaza-by-snipers-of-the-israeli-occupation-force  by sub-humans from the dark side of a dark planet

https://www.rt.com/news/586599-new-us-nuclear-bomb/  Death Cultists, with the same in the UK, doing Zionist bidding.


Quote -  With our rich heritage of the Royal Navy locally, I am a keen supporter of our Armed Forces.  In an increasingly uncertain and dangerous world, the job they do is more vital than ever in keeping us all safe.


Oded Yinon - The people of the ''Middle East'' ** have suffered greatly, but especially the Palestinians and for over 70 years.  What underlies this?  This plan, and general aim, by an evil and exclusive cult - ‘Zionism’, for Eretz Israel


The Hebrew of the author, Oded Yinon, was translated by a good Israeli into English - Israel Shahak, ex-Poland.  An universalist and atheist.  Yinon writes of the decimation of all Arab entities/states using the Shia/Sunni divide (it did not exist in Iraq), tribal loyalties etc.  Iraq was number ONE.  Going to plan - Iraq, Libya, Syria – in the balance, the Yemen.  More widely - countries where Islamic belief predominates.  The trigger for massive assault - 9/11.  No doubt.  Pakistan and Kashmir currently, via the proxy India, which has very close relations with Israel, as does Sri Lanka.  Gearing up for Iran - the US/UK the proxies.  Goading ++ >>> waiting for an Iranian response.  Then war.  Destroy key sites in Iran.

Goading https://www.globalresearch.ca/israel-america-and-britain-building-a-pretext-to-wage-war-on-iran-setting-the-scene-for-a-broader-war/5680621

I first learned of Yinon’s words, from a Marxist 'Jew', Ralph Schoenmann.  He sent me the little and excellent book by him - 'The Hidden History of Zionism' - on line.  He had made contact with the lady, Rowena Thursby, who had brought me into a circle of 2! re Dr David Kelly.  I realise now why.  We have corresponded since.

** The title, ‘Middle East’ symbolic of the European colonial mind – cf. say if the Japanese called Europe and the US 'the Middle West')