06 June 2004

Update - long overdue.

The container arrived in Haifa in mid-April. It was received there by an American based charity - ANERA. It has had a long standing presence in Palestine and knowing the ropes, the container was likely to pass more quickly into Gaza. Indeed it did - about mid-May. ANERA is kindly bearing all the costs from Haifa port onwards. The contents have since been off-loaded into a managed warehouse in Khan Younis. The snag is that there is a checkpoint between KY and Gaza City to the north and the medical equipment/small sterilizers/sewing and knitting machines etc are destined for Gaza City institutions.
David continues to speak to the video about the country. Mid-Wales in May - Llanidloes and this week it is a gathering of Hellenic and British orthopaedic surgeons in Crete. Passed there on MV Barbara on 13-02-03!
See news letter for fuller account.