09 December 2007

Very stormy waters. Voyage of the Dove and Dolphin holds course.

Nihad Taha put these projects forwards a few weeks ago. He is adding details and more accurate costings.

A 'multi-purpose diagnostic centre'. Defects in hearing and phonation will be diagnosed. Young people are being trained in these skills at CCAST where the IT lab we provided is open to use by 4,200 young people. These facilities will exist alongside the Optics Centre. This is growing in its use and in its respect among the population.

A D&D Computer Centre for the disabled in Jabalia at the Asalama Society - the first project of this type for the disabled. There are about 2000 disabled children and adults in this Northern Province. The estimated cost is about $11,000

Small business scheme. Self sufficient in the long run. The beneficiaries
must return the money during or at a maximum of 30 months. The estimated cost:$21,000. This scheme will help about 15 families in the first stage, and after money starts coming back in we can help more families.
Suggested projects: hairdressers, small shops, mobile cosmetics shops, rabbit growing!

Nihad is also enthusiastic about this, and I share that:-
The D&D Educational Broadcasting 'will be the first in the Middle East'.
The estimated cost: $50,000 - $70,000. It’s a big project but it can
implemented with the cooperation of the local universities. Will specialize in teaching, learning and for students from all levels, including adults. This would serve our charitable aims well, and our philosophy.