26 December 2004


When Adli Hammad visited here on 14 December we had a wide discussion. Among other things he suggested that the D and D give food parcels to some of the poorer folk during the Hajj ( the ‘pilgrimage’ to Mecca) festival. Sue warmed to this; ‘it will be a great treat for them’.
The trustees have decided to spend $5000 on this. Instead of food parcels, vouchers will be given to poorer families who are not receiving help from other charities. The value will vary from $30 to $50 according to family size. These vouchers have been printed already and carry a greeting from the Dove and the Dolphin.
Abu-Brahim will provide protein rich meals for families on receipt of these vouchers. The poorer people do not have good mixed diets. Many are iron deficient; this may cause some stunting of mental development in the young. I met Abu-Brahim and saw his spotless catering establishment last October. It was plain that he and his staff could cook for hundreds judging by the massive cooking vessels and large but simple gas ranges.
We hope that at least 1300 families will celebrate with an Abu-Brahim/Dove and Dolphin ‘takeaway’ this January! This will work out at about £2.50 per family. Compared with the £12 spent per head on Christmas dinner in Britain, this is obviously good value.
Nihad Taha will be busy with pen and camera so we can share a little in the celebration back here.