05 August 2003

World harmony from Chagford.

Ricky Romain -sitar and John Sterckx -tabla delighted young and old with there recital in warm sun and by the old granite walls of the Chagford House barns. Kristin introduced the whole by explaining how she had wanted in February to mount an exhibition to raise funds for those suffering in Iraq. Now that strong wish was fulfilled by the support of many artists. I then opened the recital by giving a short address which centred on the fact that the Chagford Peace Group had spoken against the bombing and invasion of Iraq on the grounds of international and humanitarian law but it had now gone on to act by sending money for the work of UNICEF and the International Red Cross in Iraq. It had not simply 'talked a good talk'. Some thousands of pounds were going directly from the safety and serenity of Chagford 4000 miles and ESE to folk in Iraq. Similarly the magnificent sum of £701 that were raised from the recital would be added to the rest in the Dove and Dolphin a/c to help the poorest Palestinian children get to school. From the Dove and the Dolphin, thank you Kristin and all in the group, and to Lady Hayter-Hames for providing the beautiful venue for a memorable and happy event.